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Hop into Spring!

The Red Balloon Co. has plenty of adorable clothes perfect for the upcoming spring months! Comfy dresses, bathing suits,  shorts, and so much more are arriving at our two locations daily!  See these few pictures for just an inkling of what we have! Want to know more? Stop by the store or call us toll free!  (877)969-9800

Come roll a bout with these plush balls!

These oversized fleece balls are a must have! Packaged in 3, each appliqued ball has a soft ringing chime inside, perfect for playing catch, or just rolling around. For ages newborn and up, this superb infant gift aids in the development of crawling and walking! Priced at $32.50, these roll a bouts are machine washable. Want to know more? […]

Create your own Superhero Cape!

This, Design Your Own Super Hero Cape, is a must have! Made locally in New Zealand, the kit promotes creativity and imagination for any child, as well as allowing your child to work on their problem solving skills. Recommended for ages 4 and up, the kit contains the following: plain superhero cape, craft glue and brush, felt sheets and […]

Want to own a space shuttle? Wish you could live in a castle? Well, dreams really do come true!

Using 100% recycled cardboard material, these eco-friendly playhouses are perfect for any child who wants to express their creativity. Priced at $56, the space shuttle  measures at 39″L x 34″W x 72″H (Fin attachments are 12″ in length). For $48.50, the castle measures at 48″L x 48″W x 48″H. These playhouses are the perfect addition to ones’ household; your son […]

Have a Tea Party in your Garden!

This beautiful Garden Party Tea Set is the best gift for any little girl. The enamelware set features a teapot, three tea cups, and 3 saucers; perfect for keeping your daughter and 2 of her friends entertained for hours! For ages 3 and up, this tea set is priced at $54. Questions? Call us toll-free for more information! 877-969-9800

A girl can never have too many shoes…

…Especially with these fantastic, sparkly, sequined mary janes by China Doll! These mary janes are a must have for any girly girl! Dress them up, dress them down, you can’t go wrong! Priced between $48.50 to $49.50, we carry four different styles: Dazzle- Multi, Silver, Fuchsia, and Toula. Want to know more? Call us toll-free at 877-969-9800. […]

Comfortable? Check. Feels soft? Check. But still cute? Check!

The Red Balloon has plenty of practical clothes perfect for transitioning into the upcoming summer months! Comfy dresses, tanks, leggings, and shorts are all in stock.  Want cute “play” clothes but don’t want to spend a fortune? Ragdoll & Rockets, an affordable brand we carry, has just this!  See these few pictures for just an inkling of what […]

Shoes! Shoes! Shoes! What more could a girl (or boy!) ask for?

It’s time to pack up those snow boots and slip on a pair of cute spring shoes. But, wait, you realize your son or daughter has completely grown out of last year’s shoes and he or she has nothing to wear! Don’t fret! The Red Balloon has plenty of adorable yet practical shoes for you […]

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Spring!…Well, at least at The Red Balloon!

Having Spring fever? If so, The Red Balloon will cure you! Come check out the store to get a dose of some spring-like weather. From dressy to practical to just plain fun, we have it all! Favorite brands like Wonderboy, City Threads, Stella, and Eye Spy  are back in stock and waiting to worn! Stop […]

Bbbrrr! The weather outside is frightful, but The Red Balloon is so delightful!

Lost a pair of mittens for your son or daughter? Has he or she grown out of his or her winter coat? If so, stop by the store! 25% off on winter coats and accessories. Check out what we have in stock before it’s too late! Brands like One Kid, Imoga, Deux par Deux, Melton, […]