Choosing Your Baby’s 1st Swimsuit

Resort wear is in at The Red Balloon! Here are some important factors to consider if you are picking out your baby’s first swimsuit, or just need a refresher on what to look for.

Sun Protection:
Many swimsuits have UPF protection but that should not be considered adequate protection alone. It is important to note that no matter what, your baby should always wear sunscreen. However, it is recommended that babies under the age of 6mos do not wear sunscreen, so what to do?! Along with the purchase of a swimsuit, you should consider your options for cover-ups, rashguards, and swim robes. A wide brim sunhat is also essential for all children. Most parents find a sunhat with a tie is preferable.

Is there room for a swim diaper? Does my baby have some room to grow and account for some shrinkage? Is elastic cutting into legs, shoulders, underarms? Can my baby move freely?

Diaper Changeability:
Like the zippers or snaps footie debate, there are many opinions as to what style of suit is easier to get in and out of. Consider diaper and wardrobe changes you may have to face. Really, whatever is easiest for you to put on your baby will be what your baby prefers. If it’s a struggle to get into a suit, not only will you be stressed, so will your little one!

The quality of a swimsuit, even one they may grow out of by next year, really matters. Sun and water can quickly fade and deteriorate poor quality fabrics, leaving them looking drab, see through, and no longer providing as much sun protection. Poor quality elastic can stretch out and even break.

This is the easy part! There is no shortage of adorable baby swimwear. Choose something that suits your style, but stay away from suits with too much frill. Tiny embellishments like beading and sequins can be a choking hazard.

And remember, we here at TRBC are always here to assist you! Come and see us, give us a call, or shoot us an email!

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