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Monkeying Around

Three fun books for primate lovers of all ages:

“Monkey Monkey Monkey” Cathy MacLennan
This is a wonderful read-aloud book, full of rhythm and movement.  Its sing-song prose brings to life the adorable illustrations depicting lots of jungle fun.
Ages 2-6yrs

“Monkey See Monkey Draw” Alex Beard
This is a fun story about overcoming fears and using your creativity.  The monkey’s elephant friend teaches them how to finger paint, and the illustrations themselves are finger and thumb prints!
Ages 2-6yrs

“Orangutans are Ticklish: Fun facts from an animal photographer” Steve Grubman

This book of gorgeous up-close animal photographs is chock full of facts that will fascinate young animal lovers, and includes behind-the-scenes peeks at how the photographs were taken.

Ages 3-8yrs


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Masala Baby

Don’t miss our fall trunk show!

Get a head start on your back-to-school shopping with great selections from our fall trunk show! With brands like Wonder Boy, City Threads and Morgan & Milo available for preorder, you’ll be sure to find cute fall and winter items for your little one. Stop by our Bucktown location to preview the clothing, or call us toll free at 877-969-9800. Order now and have your new outfits in time for school!

tap tap

“Tap Tap Bang Bang” by Emma Garcia

Look at all these tools!  What can they be making?  Tap Tap Bang Bang is a fun filled book for sharing, packed with colorful tools and fun sounds to read aloud with your little helper.  Want to know more? Give us a call toll free at 877-969-9800.  Or order online right now!:

Ages 1-4yrs


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Come roll a bout with these plush balls!

These oversized fleece balls are a must have! Packaged in 3, each appliqued ball has a soft ringing chime inside, perfect for playing catch, or just rolling around. For ages newborn and up, this superb infant gift aids in the development of crawling and walking! Priced at $32.50, these roll a bouts are machine washable. Want to know more? Give us a call toll free at 877-969-9800.


“Fancy Nancy: Spectacular Spectacles” I Can Read! Book

Nancy loves Bree’s new glasses. She thinks they look spectacular. (That’s fancy for great.)  They look so spectacular that Nancy wants a pair for herself!  This I Can Read! book is a Level 1 Beginning Reading book for chidren eager to read on their own.  

We carry I Can Read! books in four different reading levels and multiple titles that are new and old favorites. Questions? Give us a call toll free at 877-969-9800!

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where the mountain meets the moon

“Where the Mountain Meets the Moon” by Grace Lin

 In this enchanted and enchanting adventure, Minli, whose name means “quick thinking,” lives with her desperately poor parents at the confluence of Fruitless Mountain and the Jade River. While her mother worries and complains about their lot, her father brightens their evenings with storytelling. One day, after a goldfish salesman promises that his wares will bring good luck, Minli spends one of her only two coins in an effort to help her family. After her mother ridicules what she believes to be a foolish purchase, Minli sets out to find the Old Man of the Moon, who, it is told, may impart the true secret to good fortune. Along the way, she finds excitement, danger, humor, magic, and wisdom, and she befriends a flightless dragon, a talking fish, and other companions and helpmates in her quest. With beautiful language, Lin creates a strong, memorable heroine and a mystical land. Stories, drawn from a rich history of Chinese folktales, weave throughout her narrative, deepening the sense of both the characters and the setting and smoothly furthering the plot. Children will embrace this accessible, timeless story about the evil of greed and the joy of gratitude. Lin’s own full-color drawings open each chapter.

3rd-6th Grade


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Create your own Superhero Cape!

This, Design Your Own Super Hero Cape, is a must have! Made locally in New Zealand, the kit promotes creativity and imagination for any child, as well as allowing your child to work on their problem solving skills. Recommended for ages 4 and up, the kit contains the following: plain superhero cape, craft glue and brush, felt sheets and shapes, scissors, colored pencils, and so much more. Basically, everything you need to be one cool superhero! I almost forgot, this one-of-a-kind kit is priced at $42.50! Questions? Shoot us an email at

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Want to own a space shuttle? Wish you could live in a castle? Well, dreams really do come true!

Using 100% recycled cardboard material, these eco-friendly playhouses are perfect for any child who wants to express their creativity. Priced at $56, the space shuttle  measures at 39″L x 34″W x 72″H (Fin attachments are 12″ in length). For $48.50, the castle measures at 48″L x 48″W x 48″H. These playhouses are the perfect addition to ones’ household; your son or daughter will be distracted for hours!  More questions? Give us a call toll free at 877-969-9800!


“Tortilla Sun” By Jennifer Cervantes

Tortilla Sun is a magical story about 12 year old Izzy Roybal who is sent to spend the summer in her Nana’s New Mexico village where she is soon caught up in the foreign world of her own culture, from patron saints and soulful food to the curious and magical blessings Nana gives her tortillas. In Nana’s village she meets Mateo, the adventurous, treasure seeking thirteen year old boy who lives on the other side of the bolted door in Izzy’s bedroom and six year old Maggie who is raising her cat, Frida, as a dog and sees marshmallow ghosts float out windows.

When the wind begins to whisper to Izzy, she is soon led on an adventure to learn about her father’s mysterious death, who she really is, and to connect the hidden pieces of her past.

5th-7th Grade


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Have a Tea Party in your Garden!

This beautiful Garden Party Tea Set is the best gift for any little girl. The enamelware set features a teapot, three tea cups, and 3 saucers; perfect for keeping your daughter and 2 of her friends entertained for hours! For ages 3 and up, this tea set is priced at $54. Questions? Call us toll-free for more information! 877-969-9800