Monkeying Around

Three fun books for primate lovers of all ages:

“Monkey Monkey Monkey” Cathy MacLennan
This is a wonderful read-aloud book, full of rhythm and movement.  Its sing-song prose brings to life the adorable illustrations depicting lots of jungle fun.
Ages 2-6yrs

“Monkey See Monkey Draw” Alex Beard
This is a fun story about overcoming fears and using your creativity.  The monkey’s elephant friend teaches them how to finger paint, and the illustrations themselves are finger and thumb prints!
Ages 2-6yrs

“Orangutans are Ticklish: Fun facts from an animal photographer” Steve Grubman

This book of gorgeous up-close animal photographs is chock full of facts that will fascinate young animal lovers, and includes behind-the-scenes peeks at how the photographs were taken.

Ages 3-8yrs


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